Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review PatriaPet Brazilian Flag Dog Leash

The week ago. I'm looking for information on the PatriaPet Brazilian Flag Dog Leash, so i have to tell.

PatriaPet Brazilian Flag Dog Leash

PatriaPet Brazilian Flag Dog Leash

PatriaPet brings you this durable, beautiful dog leash. Made of very strong polyester material, the same material used in automobile seat belts, and features the pattern on the flag of Brazil with a blue disk representing a sky filled with constellations. Over the blue disk is a band with the national motto 'Ordem e Progresso.' This sits on a yellow rhombus laid over a green field. Brazilian colors are infused directly into the fabric allowing for a brilliant, colorfast design that will last for years. Heavy gauge snap hooks complete this leash for a secure, fun leash that will proudly show off your pet's origin, your own background, a country that you admire or simply a cool design. Strong, water-resistant polyester material ... Read more

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